Digital Transformation and Integration of Sales and Marketing

Our Approach

Marketing and Sales integration allows companies to create customer-centric strategies that, leveraged by digital tools, increase company sales effectiveness and efficiency. Flying Fox Consulting guides companies through the Digital Transformation and integration of sales and marketing with a 4 step process:

» Sales and Marketing Analytics Audit
» Capability review
» Segmentation and Targeting
» Identification of firmographics
and/or personas
» Digital Transformation Roadmap

» Sales and Marketing Talent development
» Productivity Metrics implementation
» Performance Management and Compensation
» Gamification

» New Sales and Marketing processes
» Integrated organizational structures of both Sales and Marketing
» Resource allocation, according to the customer

» Sales automation
» Marketing automation
» Service automation
» Sales and Marketing Analytics

This process will optimize sales efforts, translating into additional revenues. If you want to sell more, let’s talk!

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