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Our Approach

Online communication allows companies to reach consumers in the right place, at the right time, in a targeted way, and convert them into leads and clients.

At Flying Fox Consulting we plan and execute Digital Marketing initiatives to drive profitable customer action.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Creation and implementation of mixed Pull and Push online marketing strategy.

Search Engine Marketing

To position your website on top of user searches and increase website traffic, turning it into a lead generator


Sell online by entering marketplaces or creating an online store and make it easier for customers to buy your products and services.

Digital marketing analytics

Combination of web analytics and business metrics to measure the impact of online campaigns on sales.

Content Marketing

Creation of free, valuable content to attract and convert prospects into customer and customers into repeat buyers.

Social Marketing and Social Sales

We do social listening to understand what content consumers want and distribute it through social media. Through social selling we’ll find you leads.

Email marketing

Connect with consumers and perspective clients to promote your brand and increase sales.

Our digital marketing initiatives are based on performance marketing, where you pay when a specific action or goal is completed.

Leverage digital marketing to get prospects and convert them into customers and promoters.

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